Warning about Commercial Flying

The airline industry is a major employer from pilots to shoe shine people in
airports, car rental agencies, food services for flights to security personnel.  I
used to fly a lot when I was a photographic face and hair model; mostly to LA
from the SF Bay Area.  Over the decades it was to various locations including
Boston, British Columbia (fishing trip) and DC.

However, in November 2001, American Airlines Flight 587 crashed while I was
at the National Press Club in DC to speak along with others.  After watching
the breaking news on all the TV’s up in the press room, I later checked out of
my hotel, rented an SUV and drove back to Sacramento and did not use my
return flight ticket.  Haven’t stepped on plane since.  Thank God that was the
last major crash; ruled pilot error – miscalculation.

However, after doing some investigating and speaking with my dear
friend, USAF Brigadier General Ben Partin (Retired who passed away in
2019), we both believe the plane was sabotaged and it was an act of
terrorism.  Ben told me what happened to that plane right after take-
off simply doesn’t happen and  he would know (bio) .   9-11 was Sept.
11, 2001.  Flight 587 crashed on Nov 12, 2001.  The airline industry
desperately needed the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas travel
avalanche.  No way could the public even think it might be terrorism so
a big fat lie was concocted.

Now the industry is faced with a growing problem stemming from the COVID
hysteria and forcing their pilots and personnel to get those experimental gene
editing technology injections.  I’m not writing to scare you but to inform
people there is a huge danger with what’s going on and the diabolical and
inexcusable action by the FAA putting every passenger and crew at risk.  And,
possibly on the ground depending where a crash might occur.  We can pray it
won’t happen but there’s the law of numbers.

Of course, the so-called ‘fact checkers’ on garbage web sites like USA Today
and Politifact know for a fact those injections have nothing to do with what’s
happening with commercial airline pilots.  Liars for hire.
There may be more than the ones below but the bottom line is
this is happening more frequently.  My archives are full of columns on
those injections. The data doesn’t lie about the number of Americans
(and other countries heavily “vaccinated”) who have developed

Myocarditis (high rate among teens and athletes), blood clots and heart
attacks, too many fatal.

I do believe those who work on the tarmac and those who prepare the planes
for flight are very much aware people’s lives depend on them to make sure
every safety precaution is taken and plane inspection is thorough.  But, it’s the
silent killer – those injections – which represents danger.

Mid-Flight Heart Attack Kills Pilot After COVID Jab , Nov. 10, 2021 by Ty
& Charlene Bollinger
“On October 15, American Airlines Flight 2740 was traveling from
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Fort Meyers when the
unthinkable happened. As the plane began a gradual descent toward
southwest Florida, the pilot in command began convulsing and had a
cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the aircraft was still on autopilot, giving the
co-pilot time to evaluate the situation, unharness himself, pull the pilot
from his seat, and try to administer CPR. But his efforts were in vain.
“The co-pilot returned to his seat and squawked 7700, the international
transponder code for “I have an emergency.” The plane landed safely,
but the co-pilot was put on administrative leave for having left his seat
and endangering the aircraft, our source said.

“It was later determined that the pilot had a fatal heart attack caused
by myocarditis, a known side effect of the Covid-19 vaccinations. He
had received his second dose of the vaccine two weeks before that
flight. His last full physical was three months prior, and his doctor had
given him a clean bill of health,” a source told The Australian National

“Yet another pilot fatality took place a week later, and it, too was a
departure from Dallas/Fort Worth. American Airlines Flight 971, an
Airbus A321, departed DFW for LAX at 8:00 a.m. Midway through the
flight, the co-pilot complained he had chest pains but chalked it up to
having eaten a spicy meal before departure. He told the captain it was

“As the plane flew at 32,000 feet over the New Mexico/Arizona state
line, the co-pilot started convulsing and vomiting on the flight controls.
At that point, the captain contacted Air Traffic Control, requesting
permission to swing around and make an emergency landing in
Albuquerque, NM, but the Controller, after consulting American Airlines,
denied the request and compelled the captain to complete the flight to

“The co-pilot died in his chair, also from acute myocarditis. He had
gotten his second COVID shot (the Pfizer/BioNTech concoction) 21 days
ahead of that fateful flight.

“The PIC [Pilot In Charge] was put under a gag order and told not to
discuss the incident with anyone under threat of losing his job,” the
source said. “There is a systematic effort going on right now to prevent
the public from knowing about pilots getting very ill or very dead in the

The airlines don’t want to lose money, and the administration
doesn’t want the public to know the true dangers of the vaccine. I know
for fact that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg ordered the
airlines to classify incidents involving pilot deaths.”
Judicial Watch should file a FOIA on the claim above regarding classifying pilot

Southwest Airlines 6013 LAS-CMH departing Las Vegas diverted as pilot
collapsed shortly after takeoff morning of March 22, 2023 – 5th pilot
collapse in past 3 weeks! , March 22, 2023
Young Pilot’s Heart Damaged Right After Vax – A story made for
Hollywood is ignored by captured media & stupefied society , March 18,
2023, “Five years later, Sierra was continuing her upward trajectory in

And then, in September 2021, she yielded to social pressure (and
the desire to travel internationally) to receive a COVID-19 “vaccine.”
“At this moment, her greatest passions were solo flying and rigorous
physical fitness training. Now she can do neither. Eighteen hours after
receiving the injection, she developed intense, unrelenting chest pain,
and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis.”
Cardiac testing at Washington public event found 53% myocarditis rate,
including 2 active duty US military pilots – what does it mean? , Feb.
28, 2023  (Those military pilots are done.)

Millions of American Lives in Danger as Airline Pilots Suffer Heart
Problems from Mandatory COVID Vaccines , April 26, 2022 – “American
Airlines pilot Captain Robert Snow, a pilot with over 31 years-
experience, has gone public with his story after going into cardiac
arrest in the cockpit of the commercial plane he was flying just
moments after landing in Dallas, avoiding what could have been a
major catastrophe if he would have suffered his heart attack while

“His career is over now, as the FAA will not allow pilots with heart
conditions like Mr. Snow now has to continue flying. 

Mr. Snow went public to explain how this was most certainly a COVID vaccine adverse
reaction, and his testimony was quickly removed from Google’s
YouTube.  Mr. Snow was mandated to receive the COVID vaccine as a
condition for keeping his job.

“Pilot Joshua Yoder, who is the co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers,
was interviewed by Steve Kirsch where he revealed that he was
receiving many phone calls from other pilots in the commercial airline
industry who are also suffering heart problems after receiving a COVID-
19 mandatory vaccine, but they fear coming forward because they will
lose their job.”

In other words, knowing they are suffering from heart problems, those pilot’s
paycheck takes priority over flying a plane with hundreds of people.  I think
their loved ones would disagree.

Exclusive: Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: ‘I Will Probably
Never Fly Again’ , May 6, 2022 – “Congressional testimony from Cody
Flint, an agricultural pilot who has logged more than 10,000 flight
hours, was included in this letter.

“The FAA has created a powder keg and lit the fuse,” Flint said in
an interview with The Defender.  “We are now seeing pilots
experiencing blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, dizziness and
confusion at rates never seen before. Pilots are losing their careers and
having to call in sick or go on medical leave from medical issues
developing almost immediately after vaccination.” (Emphasis mine.)
This is Cody’s testimony . Heart breaking.  3:30 video.  Where is your
rage, America?

Freedom Flyers Organization: Wealthy Businessman Have Reached Out
and Want UNVACCINATED PILOTS To Fly Their Jets  (VIDEO), Jan. 16,
Southwest Airlines says staff must be vaccinated against Covid by Dec.
8 under federal rules , Oct. 4, 2021. “American Airlines, Alaska Airlines
and JetBlue Airways made similar announcements last week…
“Southwest Airlines is a federal contractor and we have no viable
choice but to comply with the U.S. government mandate for Employees
to be vaccinated, and — like other airlines — we’re taking steps to
comply,” Gary Kelly, CEO of the Dallas-based airline, told staff on

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after
the COVID vaccines rolled out . And disabilities are up 10X normal.

I thought the vaccines were supposed to reduce death not increase it! I
just asked the FAA for their comment, but no answer, Jan. 27, 2023
Statement by a commercial airliner pilot who took the experimental
injection.  Short video – a warning; heart breaking:   Airline pilots who
have gotten the vaccine are flying with crushing chest pain .
This is a VERY important read and it’s long.  But, read it at lunch,
during your train/bus commute or have someone read it out loud while
you’re driving someplace.  Yes, it involves commercial airline pilots
today, too.   The Forgotten Lessons of The Military’s Forced Anthrax
Vaccination of its Pilots , Feb. 18, 2023
FAA Quietly Indicates that US Pilots’ Hearts Are Damaged After Taking
Vaccines , Jan. 17, 2023 –  “A report from the FAA admits that the
EKG’s of Pilots are no longer normal.  This report has been hidden by
the FAA.”

FAA Press Office responds: There will be no investigations into pilot
death/disability caused by the COVID vaccines , Jan. 27, 2023
Cases of Medical Incidents Reported by Military Pilots Increase by
1,700% More During Pandemic – Pentagon Blames it on COVID , Feb.
12, 2023, “The Gateway Pundit reported on January 2022 that DoD
medical data showed military cancer diagnoses have tripled since the
rollout of the experimental COVID vaccines, along with a 10x increase
in neurological disorders and a nearly 5x increase in female infertility.”
Army Surgeon Grounds Several Newly Vaccinated Pilots After They
Develop Serious Chest Pain , Nov. 3, 2021 – “I believe the COVID
vaccine is a greater threat to soldiers’ health and military readiness
than the virus itself,” U.S. Army aerospace physician Lt. Col. Theresa
Long said Tuesday.

“Long, who is senior flight surgeon at the U.S. Army Flight School at
Fort Rucker, Alabama, was addressing a roundtable discussion put
together by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin). She said she was
speaking under federal military whistleblower protection.”
DOD Data: Myocarditis Cases Went Up 130% in 2021

How do these people look in the mirror every morning knowing
they are deliberately putting the lives of millions of Americans at
risk?   Federal agencies withholding data behind pilot heart condition
change, COVID vax stroke reversal , Jan. 20, 2023 – “FAA says “new
scientific evidence” justified widening acceptable range for heart
rhythms. Medical experts disagree whether change is “shocking” or
“benign and practical” given pilot shortage. CDC called out for
changing methodology to “get the result you want.” (Emphasis

Airlines are having real problems with shortage of pilots canceling thousands
of flights and then blaming it on software or some other excuse.
AMERICA – WE HAVE A PROBLEM  – We are witnessing a cover-up of
vast proportions and implications, Feb. 28, 2023 (Well worth the time
to read.)  “We then learned of the emerging consequences of those
mandates.  Aviation professionals—among millions of other people in
the world—are suffering severe cardiac events and even death because
of these shots.  The emphasis of this article is the increasing frequency
of these events happening specifically to pilots.

“The effect of a major cardiac event happening to your pilot in a critical
phase of flight such as takeoff or landing—high-workload events close
to the ground—can be catastrophic to you as a passenger or even to
you as an innocent person on the ground under the aircraft’s flight

British Airways Pilot dies of heart attack just before flying loaded
plane ; again, a passenger plane loaded will fall shortly from the sky
due to vaccine induced myocarditis causing cardiac arrest, March 14,
Safe to Fly? Pilots and Flight Attendants Who Recently had Cardiac
Arrests In-Flight and “Died Suddenly” , March 8, 2023
Pilots: United Airlines Restricted Access To Personal 401k For Not
Taking Vax , Feb. 23, 2023
Pilots speak out about vaccine-induced injuries and deaths Tuesday,
June 21, 2022

“Glen Waters, a former Australian pilot, was terminated after 19 years
because he didn’t acquiesce to the government’s unlawful demands.  In
an interview with the Defender , he spoke up for the pilots who were
coerced into taking the vaccines and were injured as a result. The
injured pilots are scared of talking about their injury because they will
be labeled “anti-vaxxers” and be discriminated and/or terminated.
Waters said Virgin Australia is not allowing the injured pilots to speak
out because “the company is actively trying to terminate anyone
reporting vaccine injury.”

“Moreover, the medical community is hesitant to make obvious
connections between sudden heart problems in healthy people following
covid-19 vaccination, because doing so would implode the entire
narrative that the vaccines are safe and effective…
“Mr. Waters told the Defender that there are 900 pilots from Virgin
Australia who can no longer fly because the now suffer from medical
complications post-vaccination. “No doubt there are many more who
are continuing to fly with troubling symptoms,” he said.

“Mr. Waters said one captain had a stroke and went blind and another
healthy captain had a sudden heart attack and fell down the boarding
stairs. He said formerly healthy pilots now report headaches, chest
pains and shortness of breath. “I have heard [about cases of] tinnitus,
vertigo and brain fog, including temporary blindness, in some crew.
Disrupted menstrual cycles are reported frequently, perhaps affecting
dozens [of employees],” he said. Many of these issues are not even
recognized as adverse events to the vaccine, even though the health
issues are coming in waves, post-vaccination.”

In Oct. 2021, most airlines in America began mandatory injections for their
pilots.  From all my research, some die with a few days, weeks or even five
months. But the technology injected into your cells can take 4-18 months to
begin destroying your immune system and then the body develops
autoimmune disease(s); 80 for which there is no cure leading to premature

Flashback from my column, Nov. 19, 2021:
Dr. Charles Hoffe Reveals Blood Clots in Majority of Vaccinated Patients
and Speaks of “Permanently-Damaged Hearts” , July 21, 2021 – “This
Vaccine is Quite Clearly More Dangerous Than COVID-19” – Dr. Charles
Hoffe found 62% of his patients experienced elevated D-dimer levels
after the vaccine.  He’s administered over 900 doses. Dr. Hoffe did his
own research to try and find out why his patients were exhibiting
micro-blood clotting after getting one of those injections.   This is a
must watch short video . This is a very sad prediction:  Most of them
likely will die within three years.

If I had been forced to take those experimental injections to keep my
job, I would tell my doctor I want a D-dimer test now.  Better to know
so one can do whatever can be done at this time if the results come
back with the worst news.

MEDICAL HOLOCAUST against children: Vaccine-induced myocarditis in
children has 50% fatality rate in five years , Nov. 8, 2021

All these athletes from teens to professionals dropping on the field.  I
believe they all should be tested for myocarditis as well as children
forced by their parents to get injected.  Athletes Around the World are
Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems ,  Nov. 8, 2021
Spring is just about here.  People are making plans for summer vacations and
later, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Thousands of Americans must fly for their
job.  Millions to see loved ones, family emergency or whatever the reason.
 Everyone must decide whether or not to get on a commercial airliner,
especially if they have a child or children.

I want air line carriers to flourish because it really is the safest mode of
transportation and the industry provides tens of thousands of jobs.  But, at
this time, I don’t believe that to be true and people have the right to know
what’s going on.

Athletes Dropping, Record Life Insurance Deaths: On a Clear and
Convincing Basis, It’s Because of the Vaccines , March 25, 2023, short
3:41 video with Dr. Peter McCullough
This is a 54-minute interview that is well worth your time.  I listened doing
non-thinking house chores:
Dr. Chris Martenson: The C19 Shot Is the Most Disastrous Medical
Intervention in Human History , March 21, 2023
Go to my web site  to see these two files at the top:

Who Created SARS-CoV-19, When, Where and How it Got to Wuhan, China
The Dead Book – Deaths, Serious Injuries, Permanently Disabled, Doctors,
Scientists: Pull Those Experimental Injections from the Market
If you wish you know more about American Airlines Flight 587, this is
an excellent explanation:   WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO FLIGHT 587?
“The engine separated from the plane, as did at least one major section
of the airfoil structures (tail fin, shown above, being recovered from the
waters off of New York, not long after the crash). Reports from multiple
pilots — including one who witnessed the crash and the engine’s
separation from the plane — say they saw 2 explosions, coming from
where the fuselage meets the wing.

“The NTSB’s nonsense ignores the fact that experts have NEVER heard
of mere engine failure, or turbulence, to make engines and tail fins fly
off of airplanes — in this or any other modern aircraft of its type. The
facts point to a clear, unmistakable cover-up.”

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