Provis Institue of Political Economics

Your PIPE-line to Liberty

Economics for People Because they Matter
Not Theories for Professionals

 Economics is a study of man’s condition looking mostly at value and opportunity.  The below statement covers our current condition.

 There is nothing in our society that we know less about, that affects our lives more profoundly than economics.   And politicians use this fact constantly to control our lives  and to get votes based on false information and ideas.

 We are led like lambs to the slaughter because by and large we don’t understand any better  than the lambs about what is happening.

 The purpose of the Provis Institute is to provide an environment that is not a part of the socialistic leanings of the economics profession. The student will acquire an understanding of the basic easily understood concepts of economics. It is a subject that every person intuitively understands it just needs to be brought to their attention in a manner easily understood.

The institute is also very reasonable priced.  You don’t need to mortgage your life as is necessary at most educational facilities of today.  Anyone can afford the cost and the information is invaluable.  In addition, currently, the normal university campuses are filled with tension and danger.  Here is a way each student can achieve their desired level of education in a safe comfortable environment.

Enrollment is limited.  There is currently a limit of 100 students.  This limit is required so that each student can receive an optimal experience.