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You'll Discover The Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy, How They Set Up the USA Banking System to Cheat You Out of Your Wealth and How to You Can Take Your Power Back to Become Financially Free!

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This a book is written to assist the reader in understanding money and the current banking system in the United States. Currently, June 27, 2022, the population of the United States is 332,824,318. If we assume the average family size is 4 individuals there are 8,302,429 families and almost every family has at least 1 account in this banking system.

That is a very large number. Therefore, the overall banking system is probably the largest set of companies in the country and has a significant effect on each and every family. So one would think that the people using that system would understand or at least want to understand the effect of that system on their lives. Almost everything we do involves the banking system in one way or another, and almost nobody, including the bank employees, themselves, know how it works.

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