Class List

Instructions and Information

Because of the time spent with each student, the number of students is limited to 50. Since there are 100s of hits each day, ensure that you register and get started quickly.

The answer to that question is contained in these classes and in the volumes of Liberty: Will It Survive the 21st Century?

Economics Classes

300 & 400

E-301 Introduction to Economics. What is it? Why is it important?

E-302 Basic Economics E-305 Inflation & Deflation

E-310 Supply and Demand 1

E-312 Supply and Demand 2 E-320 Money 1

E-325 Money 2 E-330 Trade & Trade Deficits 1

E-335 Trade & Trade Deficits 2

E-402 Basic Economics

E-405 Inflation & Deflation 1

E-410 Inflation & Deflation 2

E-420 The United States and the Global Economy 1

E-425 The United States and the Global Economy 2

E-430 The United States and the Global Economy 3

E-440 The U.S. Economy, Government Intervention 1

E-445 The U.S. Economy, Government Intervention 2

E-460 Pricing E-465 Misc. Economic Principles 1

E-470 Misc. Economic Principles 2 500

E-505 Intermediate Economics 1

E-510 Intermediate Economics 2

E-515 Intermediate Economics 3

E-520 Economics of Today 600

E-605 Advanced Economics

E-610 New Thoughts in Economics

E-615 The Law of Creation of Value and Law of Comparative Advantage

E-620 Economic System for a Theocratic Economy

Political Economics Classes

300 & 400 P-300 Christmas and Christianity

P-305 Government Fantasies 1

P-310 Government Fantasies 2 P-315 Taxes 1

P-320 Taxes 2 P-325 Government Control 1

P-330 Government Control 2

P-332 Government Control 3 P-338 Government Control 4

P-340 Government Control 5 P-345 Conspiracies 1

P-350 Conspiracies 2 P-353 Conspiracies 3 P-355 Jobs and Employment 1

P-360 Jobs and Employment 2

P-365 Environment 1

P-370 Environment 2

P-375 Political Lies 1

P-380 Political Lies 2

P-382 Political Lies 3

P-385 Obama’s lies

P-390 False Flags

P-405 Taxes P-410 Capitalism, Communism and Socialism 1

P-415 Capitalism, Communism and Socialism 2

P-420 Capitalism, Communism and Socialism 3

P-425 Government Control 1

P-430 Government Control 2

P-435 Government Control 3

P-438 Government Control 4

P-440 Minimum Wages 1

P-445 Minimum Wages 2

P-450 Debt & Deficit Spending

P-455 Gold Standard 500

P-510 Government Control

P-515 Government Education Monopoly

P-520 Mainstream Media

P-525 Control Of America

P-530 Questionable Politics 600 P-605 Government Control

P-610 Federal Reserve 1

P-615 Federal Reserve 2

P-620 Depression of the 1930s

P-625 The Economic Crisis/Crash of 2008

P-630 Stimulus

History Classes

300 & 400

H-310 Economic History

H-320 Illegal Immigration 1

H-325 Illegal Immigration 2

H-330 War

H-335 The America You Know is Dying 1

H-340 The America You Know is Dying 2

H-345 The America You Know is Dying 3

H-350 The America You Know Is Dying 4

H-355 The America You Know Is Dying 5

H-360 America on the Mend 1

H-365 America on the Mend 2

H-370 America on the Mend 3

H-375 America on the Mend 4

H-405 The Beginning of the Modern Secret Societies

H-410 Sociopathic Government Officials

H-415 Ticking Time Bombs

H-420 What’s Happening to America? 1

H-424 What’s Happening to America? 2

H-428 What’s Happening to America? 3

H-432 What’s Happening to America? 4

H-436 What’s Happening to America? 5

H-440 What’s Happening to America? 6

H-445 What’s Happening to America? 7

H-450 What’s Happening to America? 8

H-455 Fate of Empires 500

H-505 The Development of Today’s Secret Societies

H-515 Modern Day Activities of the Secret Societies 1

H-520 Modern Day Activities of the Secret Societies 2

H-530 North American Union

H-535 Surveillance H-545 America is in Jeopardy 1

H-550 America is in Jeopardy 2

H-560 A Critical Look at the 2016 Election 1

H-565 A Critical Look at the 2016 Election 2

Constitution Classes

300 & 400

C-310 Misc. Constitution Facts 1

C-315 Misc. Constitution Facts 2

C-320 Constitution?

C-410 Articles of the Constitution

C-420 Immigration

C-430 Violations of the Constitution 500

C-510 Taxation 1

C-515 Taxation 2

C-520 A Complete Understanding of the 2nd Amendment

C-530 The Law of the Land 1

C-535 The Law of the Land 2

C-540 Clauses of the Constitution 1

C-545 Clauses of the Constitution 2

C-550 Clauses of the Constitution 3

C-555 Important Subjects 1

C-560 Important Subjects 2

C-565 Important Subjects 3

C-570 supreme court

C-575 Constitution in Chaos

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The first step for each student is to select a class.  To do this go to the Classes category, choose a subject and select the class.  Next order the articles and books required.  Read and comprehend each article and subject and write your  report.  After you have completed your first class select the next one.  Do the assignments, write the necessary papers and presto very soon you will have completed your degree.  That’s all there is to it.

There are in excess of 470 articles written by over 100 authors available in the Provis Institute of Political Economics and all are available for you to see and use.  Just remember that all of these articles were written and belong to the authors, therefore, when using them you must include complete credit to those authors.  Each article has a number followed by the name of the author.  To choose an article for study, email a request for the article and it will be forwarded to you. Periodically request a list of the available articles.  It is recommended that you request an updated list on a regular basis so you will be kept current.  You can request as many articles as you would like.

The category Classes contains a list of the current classes.  Each class has a list of the required articles and books and the assignments for completion of the class.  To enroll in a class, send an email enrolling in that class and requesting the required articles and books.  Some books will need to be acquired from alternate sources.  If you have already received and reviewed an article for a different class you do not need to request it again.

Enroll in one class at a time.   

We wish you well, if you have questions please email us so we can clear up any confusion.

Required Textbooks

The classes will require Richard Proctor’s book’s.  There are 6 volumes under the title: Liberty – Will it Survive the 21st Century.   Each student will be required to purchase them as needed.  Each volume is available for $20.00  There is no shipping and handling or sales tax charge.  Bathroom Economics and Saving the Constitution are also available for $20.00.  As with registration any form of U.S. dollars is accepted.  All purchases of these books are non-refundable.  

As additional books are published by Provis Press those books can be purchased in the same manner as stated above.

Courses will also include subjects from other books available from commercial sources.  Many of these books can be found at  If they don’t have it on hand, maybe they can order it for you.  If there is no way they can obtain it, try which also carries used or new books at very reasonable prices.  As the institute is given permission some books will be sold through the institute by other authors also for reasonable prices.


Here is a list of books that are excellent reading.  They provide a background for information on a variety of subjects and would be a core of any  comprehensive library.  This is not a complete list, but is a start.  Others by the same authors would also be recommended.  Many of these books can be found at  If they don’t have it on hand, maybe they can order it for you.  If there is no way they can obtain it, try which also carries used or new books at very reasonable prices.  ​​

Provis Institute of Political Economics

A Choice not an Echo – by Phyllis Schlafly

America’s Secret Establishment – by Antony C. Sutton
An Enemy Hath Done This – by Ezra Taft Benson
Are We Good Enough for Liberty – by Lawrence W. Reed
Awakening to Our Awful Situation – by Jack Monnett
The Beast on the East River – by Nathan Tabor
Betrayed by the Bench – by John A. Stormer
Camp of the Saints – by Jean Raspail 
The Case Against the Fed – by Murray N. Rothbard
The Coming Battle – by Martin Wetzel Walbert
Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins
The Creature of Jekyll Island – by Edward G. Griffin
Day of Deceit – by David Stinnett
FDR’s Folly – by Jim Powell
Financial Terrorism – by Jack F. McManus
The Great Betrayal – by Pat Buchanan
Hiding in Plain Sight – by Ken Bowers
Inside the United Nations – by Steve Bonta
Invisible Government – by Dan Smoot
The Naked Capitalist – by W. Cleon Skousen
Marketing of Evil – by David Kupelian
Men in Black – by Mark Levin

Methodical Illusion – by Rebekah Roth
Methodical Deception – by Rebekah Roth
Methodical Conclusion – by Rebekah Roth
None Dare Call it Conspiracy – by Gary Allen
None Dare Call it Treason – by John A. Stormer
None Dare Call it Treason 25 years Later – by John A. Stormer
Patterns of Liberty – by Tenna Hartman & Lisa Smith
Philip Dru: Administrator – by Edward M. House
Planes Without Passengers – by Dean Hartwell
Proofs of a Conspiracy – by John Robison
Report form Iron Mountain – by Leonard C. Lewin
Secrets of the Federal Reserve – by Eustace Mullins
Shadow Party – by David Horowitz
Shadows of Power – by James Perloff
Solving 9-11 – by Christopher Bollyn
The Snapping of the American Mind by David Kupelian
The Insiders – by John F. McManus
United Nations Exposed – by William F. Jasper
With No Apologies – by Barry Goldwater
5000 Year Leap – by W. Cleon Skousen
9-11 Finding the Truth – by Andrew Johnson and Nick Buchanan

Class Terms

 There will be two terms of 5 months.

The first is from January 1st to May 31st.

The second is from July 1st to November 31st.

You can register and begin classes at any time.  There is no requirement to begin at the beginning of the term.

Normal national holidays will be followed.

Degrees will be awarded at the end of the terms.