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Saving the Constitution

It’s a book called Saving the Constitution. It is the only book written on the subject that is based on the original intent of the framers, not a distorted version based upon erroneous Supreme Court decisions, government officials ignoring the Constitution, political parties, and illegal amendments. 

For example: How many Congressmen are required by the US Constitution? 50? 300? 435?

Nope, it’s in excess of 10,000. The US Constitution requires 1 representative for every 30,000 people.

The book is called “Saving the Constitution” because we all need to really know what it says in order to defend it. The book goes over each paragraph with an easy to understand, friendly explanation of what was originally written.

Saving The Constitution is just $20 and has FREE shipping in the U.S.A.

Bathroom Economics

Understand economics in just a few sittings.

This book reveals the dirty little secrets that the banksters don't want you to know.

It is sad but true, our nation has almost no understanding of what liberty means. Since the early 1960's, our citizens have never been taught anything that would enable them to understand what liberty is and the financial effects of what the politicians are doing.

 "There is nothing in our society the we know less about, that affects our lives more profoundly than economics, and politicians use this fact to control our lives and to get votes based on false information and ideas.

We are led like lambs to the slaughter because, by and large, we don't understand any better than the lambs what is happening."

That statement is the core of the purpose of Bathroom Economics - which is to help you better understand what is happening. You can't fight against something you know nothing about. As individuals begin to understand what is happening, they will rise to the occasion.

Bathroom Economics is just $20 and has FREE shipping in the U.S.A.

LIBERTY - Will it Survive? (Series)

We all know our country is in awful shape and getting worse every day. If we don’t wake up soon, there will be nothing to wake up for. We will have lost everything. Wresting that power back will require unimagined energy, sacrifice, and even blood.

 The goal of our Founding Fathers was to create a government that would protect the citizen’s rights and lives. As a nation, we have allowed our government to deviate from the ideal of the Founding Fathers. How long are we going to allow it to continue?

These books explore what has been happening to our country and its freedoms by the actions of a few people who control our finances and the central banks. Their goal is control and domination, they do not respect the ideals of our founders. Rather, they seek to enslave us as a part of their One World Order.

 Time and again, when Americans have faced similar insurmountable odds, we have gathered like-minded men and women, turned to God, sought for and found the strength to overcome. These perilous times call of no less courage than that which inspired our Founders. Do we have such citizens, willing to sacrifice their names, fortunes, and very lives in defense of liberty in this generation?

Get the Whole 6 Book "Liberty - Will it Survive" Series for a discounted price of just $110 and has FREE shipping in the U.S.A.

OR get the books individually for just $20 each with FREE Shipping in USA

Easily Understood Economics

Here's the book you need to teach economics to your children

Give your children the valuable information that their peers don't learn in public eduction. These valuable insights will help them as they navigate the snares and pitfalls that the political and economic system have set for all of us.

  • What is Economics?
  • Role of Government
  • What is an Economic System?
  • Private Property
  • Capital Accumulation and Effect
  • Supply and Demand
  • Money
  • Banking
  • Compound Interest
  • Deficit Spending
  • Minimum Wage
  • Free Trade
  • Law of Creation of Value
  • National Debt
  • Socialism vs Capitalism​

and much, much more.

Along with detailed charts illustrating:

  • Money Supply
  • Standards of Living
  • National Debt Chart

If you have read "Bathroom Economics', you will want to pass the information on to your children. This textbook makes it easy. A great addition to your home-schooling library. (271 pages)

Easily Understood Economics is just $20 and has FREE shipping in the U.S.A.

A Constitution

"If You Can Keep It!"

Here's the book you need to teach THE CONSTITUTION to your FAMILY

The perfect companion to my book "Saving the Constitution". A great way to teach these important concepts in a home education environment.

The purpose of this book is to go over the Constitution one paragraph at a time. The original meaning of many of the phrases, ideas, and requirements of the Constitution have been lost over time, and our education system no longer teaches anything about the actual Constitution. Most courses spend more time on the history of the Constitution than on the actual document itself.

The People, who are one of the powers that created the Constitution, do not read or understand what it says. This book is intended to help correct that oversight by explaining the Constitution in plain contemporary language.

I explain the paragraphs and discuss their meanings and intentions. The Constitution isn't really hard to read, we don’t take time to do it.

With quizzes at the end of each chapter, you'll be able to to test your knowledge of each concept.

A Constitution "If You Can Keep It!" is just $20 and has FREE shipping in the U.S.A.

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